Mobile network testing

Mobile network testing

Maximize network quality and performance

Optimum network and service performance are critical for the reliability and profitable operation of mobile networks - both public and private. Delivering superior quality of experience (QoE) is a key business success factor for mobile network operators, and businesses depend on the error-free operation of private networks. This is why ongoing active and passive network testing, as well as regular performance verification and optimization, are key to meeting the evolving expectations of human end-users and fulfilling the communication needs of machines.

Integrated test solutions for the entire network lifecycle

Rohde & Schwarz offers a complete portfolio consisting of standalone products, integrated solutions and network analytics services. We cover

  • The entire lifecycle of public and private networks.
  • All cellular technologies, up to 5G
  • All network architectures, including Open RAN
  • A wide range of test and measurement scenarios to assess and optimize network performance, from the RF layer to QoS/QoE

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Solutions for Mobile network testing

5G network testing

Ensure seamless operation with testing solutions for the entire 5G network lifecycle.

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Private network testing

Find test solutions that ensure reliable private networks for business-critical use cases.

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Network engineering

Discover network engineering solutions for lab verification and early field trials.

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Interference hunting

Identify RF interference in mobile networks with advanced interference hunting solutions.

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Verification & acceptance

Streamline network verification and acceptance with user-friendly test solutions.

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Network benchmarking

Improve customer satisfaction with a systematic network performance evaluation solution.

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Network optimization

Explore network testing solutions that enable targeted improvements and troubleshooting.

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News from the mobile network testing world

Tech talk: Satellite and mobile communication - old enemies or good friends?

In this "30 minutes Tech Talk" two experts will chat about Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN), the technical and also regulatory challenges of the combination of satellite and mobile communication.

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Webinar: IP Analysis-the groundbreaking development in network benchmarking

In this webinar we explore possibilities of enhancing Benchmarking Campaigns with IP data, statistical analysis and a deep dive into the IP space.

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Educational Note: Field measurements in mobile networks for regulators

Field measurements of network coverage and QoE are essential for regulators to validate license obligations and foster a healthy competition.

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Educational Note: Mobile network testing in mission-critical networks

Mission-critical networks currently in migration to broadband and the MCX network testing play a crucial role in enabling communication for various public safety agencies.

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Educational Note: Machine learning based network optimization

Machine learning use cases like network utilization rating and call stability score extract insights from network data analytics enabling network optimization.

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Tech talk: Verify networks to be prepared for business-critical applications

The tech talk provides an overview about business-critical applications of private 5G networks and discusses how to verify network performance.

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Educational Note: Part 1 of cable & antenna verification

Return loss and decoupling measurements on antenna systems are crucial for proper operation of mobile networks.

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Tech talk: Mission-critical networks can save lives – how to verify them?

In this 30 minutes tech talk we will talk about MCX use cases, the current status and requirements to mission-critical networks.

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ECOI commissions R&S to benchmark Icelandic mobile networks

The Electronic Communications Office of Iceland (ECOI) has selected R&S to assess and benchmark the performance, coverage and capacity of the country's three mobile network operators.

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Our expertise

Mobile voice quality testing

Rohde & Schwarz is the industry reference for measuring perceived voice quality in mobile networks

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Mobile video quality testing

Mobile video from an end-user perspective according to ETSI and ITU standards

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4X4 MIMO network testing

Test the performance and capacity of MIMO networks

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Read the mobile network testing stories & insights

Read the mobile network testing stories & insights

Meet our experts and find out what they have to say about the latest trends and innovations in mobile network testing.

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