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High Tech and Innovation

Rohde & Schwarz is a high-tech company that thrives on innovation. To maintain its high quality standards, Rohde & Schwarz keeps nearly its entire value-added chain within the company. Central R&D is located at its Munich headquarters. The company also maintains development centers outside Germany. The centers in the United States, Korea, China, Denmark, France and Great Britain implement applications that are tailored to the requirements of local customers. Engineers at the Singapore site develop products for the world market. Asia and North America are especially important growth markets for the group. The focus is therefore on rapidly establishing and expanding the company's locations in Singapore and the USA.

Test & Measurement

Rohde & Schwarz is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic test and measurement equipment. Our products set standards in research, development, production and service. As a key partner of industry and network operators, we offer a broad spectrum of market-leading solutions for the newest wireless technologies as well as for RF and microwave applications up to 500 GHz.

Test & Measurement Overview

Broadcast & Media

Television and radio audiences in more than 80 countries enjoy programs broadcast using transmitters from Rohde & Schwarz. Our transmitters as well as our T&M and studio equipment are advancing the progress of digital broadcasting and the processing of high-resolution video formats around the globe.

Broadcast & Media Overview

Secure Communications

The armed forces must be able to exchange information in a manner that is secure, reliable and prompt. Rohde & Schwarz provides all branches of the armed forces with interoperable radio systems for ground-based, shipborne and airborne use. Civil air traffic control around the globe has also been relying on Rohde & Schwarz communications systems for decades. The company offers state-of-the-art, all-in-one solutions — from the controller working position to the antenna.

Secure Communications Overview


The radiofrequency spectrum is a limited resource. For optimal use, it is monitored by government regulatory authorities and managed in accordance with ITU rules. Rohde & Schwarz provides the necessary radiomonitoring and radiolocation equipment. The armed forces require powerful radiomonitoring solutions to ensure situational awareness. Rohde & Schwarz technology helps them achieve information superiority..

Radiomonitoring Overview

IT Security

The threat of cyber attacks is forcing every organization that operates an IT system to take protective measures to ensure the security of its intellectual property and maintain the confidentiality of client and customer data. Our IT security products offer custom protection for companies of all sizes.

IT Security Overview

Service and Support

With 24-hour support worldwide (Monday through Friday) and a comprehensive service portfolio in more than 70 countries, Rohde & Schwarz is present around the world. The company stands for high quality, preventive service and compliance with delivery schedules – covering every requirement from calibration to application support.

Service & Support

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