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Columbia, MD19-Sep-2023

Rohde & Schwarz Rethinks 5G Testing at Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, 2023

Rohde & Schwarz will be showcasing live demonstrations that illustrate the importance of why 5G engineers and researchers should be rethinking how they test their 5G designs and products throughout the product life-cycle.


Rohde & Schwarz will showcase their key 5G and 5G-Advanced testing solutions at Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, NV September 26-28. Companies testing 5G devices today are at an inflection point with regards to the maturity of the market. 5G technology is one of the fastest growing technologies today, and companies that were early adopters of 5G, or are now just coming into the 5G market, need test solutions that are purpose-built for the current standards, in addition to making good financial sense.

Attendees of MWC Las Vegas will experience the R&S CMX one-box tester (OBT) in person at the Rohde & Schwarz booth. Two key demonstrations that are being highlighted include RedCap Testing and WiFi-7 Signaling Test. Reduced Capability (RedCap) devices, is having a significant impact on expanding the 5G NR device ecosystem. The R&S CMX One-Box tester is a purpose-built platform, with an ideal price/performance, that can meet your 5G RedCap testing needs today, while providing a future-proof platform that can scale with your 5G device testing needs.

The WiFi-7 Signaling Test using the R&S CMX OBT aims to achieve advancements in wireless technology. Wi-Fi 7's primary goal is to deliver data speeds of tens of gigabits per second with minimal latency to meet the demands of modern applications like ultra-high-definition video streaming and virtual reality. Testing these advanced features presents a challenge, requiring low-distortion transmit signals across a wide bandwidth and impeccable analysis bandwidth with minimal residual error vector magnitude. The R&S CMX OBT stands as an industry-first, offering both Wi-Fi 7 and 5G NR testing within a single, compact platform, exemplifying the convergence of cutting-edge wireless technologies.

To experience all the demos at the Rohde & Schwarz booth this year at MWC, visit the Rethink 5G Testing experts at booth #927. For live updates from the MWC visit the Rohde & Schwarz Wireless Communications LinkedIn page.

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