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Rohde & Schwarz spotlights studio to post workflows with enhanced R&S VENICE server system

Rohde & Schwarz will stake its claim to the world’s most versatile and adaptable server system for broadcast studio workflow applications with the introduction of a new enhanced version of its R&S VENICE product.

Rohde & Schwarz introduces a number of strategic enhancements to its R&S VENICE server system for broadcast studio workflow applications.
Rohde & Schwarz introduces a number of strategic enhancements to its R&S VENICE server system for broadcast studio workflow applications.

Rohde & Schwarz will introduce a number of strategic enhancements to its R&S VENICE server system. Offering the broadcast market’s broadest range of applications from content ingest, transforming to editorial and media preparation, the latest version of R&S VENICE offers best in class operational flexibility and future-proofing capabilities within UHD and HDR production environments.

The new version of R&S VENICE targets studio workflows, providing added value and versatility due to its extended codec support and direct storage connectivity without additional gateways. Operational flexibility is enhanced in a variety of workflows thanks to a new user interface (UI) design, extended codec & format support and IP/SMPTE 2110 support.

In particular, the new software application, R&S VENICE Command, enhances the system’s capabilities within state-of-the-art studio workflows. It offers support for UHD and HDR formats up to ProRes 4444XQ, and a new user interface that has been developed for grouped multicamera recordings, studio playback and transcoding in a single application.

In addition, R&S VENICE Command enables dual destination recording for increased reliability in case of storage failure, IP/SMPTE2110-NMOS interoperability with different manufacturers‘ products and systems, and increased channel density (8 HD, 2 UHD on a 2RU chassis). HDR formats can be processed with selection of transfer function and elegant metadata handling. Now, R&S VENICE can connect to virtually any storage system without additional gateway hardware. In combination with Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S SpycerNode and R&S SpycerPAM storage systems, collaborative editing workflows are supported with comprehensive growing file capabilities.

“R&S VENICE is entering a new phase in its evolution – the new R&S VENICE Command software makes it even easier to control all functions within a broadcast facility and get the most out of a R&S VENICE server, “ commented Hannes Strobel, Vice President Media Technologies at Rohde & Schwarz. “Together with its high channel density, encoding formats up to ProRes4444XQ, advanced redundancy through dual destination recording and Virtual Storage Access, it is the perfect server solution for studio productions in UHD/HDR environments. Together with R&S SpycerNode and R&S SpycerPAM it becomes the heart of your studio workflow.“

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