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New power sensors with better performance and measuring convenience

Rohde & Schwarz is launching an entirely new family of power sensors: the R&S®NRPxxS / SN series of three-path diode power sensors. The R&S®NRPxxS / SN series offers (even) more of everything than the very well-designed previous models: more speed, more dynamic range, more sensitivity, more configuration options. An additional LAN interface in the SN models, for example, enables browser-controlled remote measurements over any distance. There is also a bidirectional trigger port, which makes it possible to elegantly synchronize measurements in time-critical setups. A status LED shows the instrument’s operating status at a glance – a helpful feature when using multiple sensors in production. The focus of development was on low measurement noise, as this has a decisive impact on key quality parameters such as sensitivity, dynamic range and measurement speed. At a typical noise level of 20 pW, the R&S®NRPxxS / SN sensors achieve top values in these disciplines. They are available with upper frequency limits of 8 GHz, 18 GHz and 33 GHz.

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