Interference hunting with a test receiver and a directional antenna

Short designation: TR308-7E Radio Monitoring

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Peter Lampel


New communications services, an increasing number of subscribers and terminals and the unabated demand for greater bandwidth result in an increasingly dense occupancy of the radio spectrum. In a densely occupied spectrum, there is a growing risk of mutual interference. This presents a challenge that affects civil regulatory authorities, military organizations and commercial network operators alike.

We can detect and localize sources of interference that disrupt radio services and mobile networks from their electromagnetic radiation. In this seminar, participants will be taught how to localize a hidden source of electromagnetic radiation using a test receiver and a directional antenna. The seminar explains in detail the functions and applications of portable radiomonitoring receivers and handheld directional antennas. Through practical exercises to enhance the conveyed knowledge, participants will learn how to operate and efficiently handle the receiver and antenna.


  • Design and functioning of a radiomonitoring receiver
  • Measurement functions of a radiomonitoring receiver
  • Spectrum display and signal demodulation
  • Realtime spectrum display and waterfall diagram
  • Scanning of frequency bands
  • Key parameters of a receiver
  • Design and functioning of a directional antenna
  • Searching and direction finding with the directional antenna
  • Direction finding, location, triangulation
  • Interference hunting with a portable receiver

Target Group

  • Engineers, technicians and operators who localize and remove sources of electromagnetic interference.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Training location: Munich
  • Language: English

ID Seminars
Radio Monitoring
ITUTRN-B1 New Spectrum Monitoring Fundamentals Training
TR308-5E Introduction to radio monitoring
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TR308-7E: Interference hunting with a test receiver and a directional antenna: (on request)
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