Tetra - digital trunking radio

Short designation: TR108-6E Mobile Communication

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The digital trunked radio systems TETRA - developed by ETSI speeds up. Although the relationship to other digital standards like GSM and DECT is unmistakable TETRA tries to keep RF compatibility to the analogue trunked radio systems. The channel spacing of 25 kHz allows in theory a parallel operation of analogue and digital radios in the same environment. From technical point of view TETRA reached maturity, multiple networks and services meanwhile are launched. With major changes in Release 2 TETRA improves its data communication performance.

This seminar introduces to the basics of the TETRA standard. Target is an understanding of the radio transmission technique. Main focus is the air interface, network tasks are discussed as well as mobile station functions.


  • basics of trunked radio systems
  • application and services
  • network structure and components
  • RF parameter, modulation and TDMA structure
  • speech and data transmission in Release 1
  • changes in Release 2
  • signalling structure

Target Group

  • Engineers and technicians working in development, production, quality assurance and maintenance of TETRA terminals.
  • Duration: 1 day

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TR108-6E: Tetra - digital trunking radio: (on request)
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