R&S®CMU200 - Applications (46)

Type, Title AN-No. Date
RSCommander 1MA074 24-Dec-2017
Replacing R&S® CMU200 with R&S® CMW500 in 2G and 3G Speech Test Applications 1GA65 25-Jul-2014
Bluetooth® Measurements Using R&S®CBTgo: Additional Tests 1MA106 06-Mar-2013
Development Hints and Best Practices for Using Instrument Drivers 1MA153 01-Jan-2013
Rohde & Schwarz Drivers under VEE - Installation and Troubleshooting 1MA035 20-Dec-2012
PESQ® Measurement for WCDMA with R&S®CMUgo 1MA137 05-Jan-2012
PESQ® Measurement for GSM with R&S®CMUgo 1MA119 05-Jan-2012
PESQ® Measurement for CDMA2000® with R&S®CMUgo 1MA136 05-Jan-2012
Tests on CDMA2000®1xEV-DO Access Terminals in Accordance to IS-866-A 1MA123 05-Jan-2012
Additional Tests on CDMA2000® Mobile Stations in Accordance with Standard TIA-98 1MA86 05-Jan-2012
HSDPA - Challenges for UE Power Amplifier Design 1MA84 11-Jul-2011
Calibration Tool for PESQ Speech Quality Tests 1GA50 30-Jun-2011
How to create a Hardcopy using R&S Instrument Drivers 1MA160 11-Dec-2009
Operation Guide for HSDPA Test Setup according to 3GPP TS 34.121 1CM72 13-Oct-2009
Operation Guide for HSUPA Test Set-up According to 3GPP TS 34.121 RCS0712-0053 08-Oct-2009
Operation Guide for HSUPA Test Setup according to 3GPP TS 34.121 1CM73 07-Oct-2009
1xEV-DO – Test Solutions 1MA112 14-Sep-2009
GSM/GPRS/Edge Receiver Tests Under Fading Conditions with CMU and SMIQ/ABFS 1MA60 28-Aug-2009
CMUCopy - Transferring CMU Hardcopy to PC using the IEEE Bus or the serial interface 1MA45 28-Aug-2009
Using R&S®CMU200 Drivers in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with Visual Basic .NET and C# 1MA157 30-Jun-2009
CDMA2000®1xEV-DO Rel. B Non-Signaling Testing 1CM74 29-Jun-2009
Operating Guide for WCDMA Test Setup according to 3GPP TS34.121 1CM71 15-Apr-2009
Path Compensation for MS Fading Tests 1MA135 09-Jan-2009
GDE Test Sequencer 1MA83 15-Dec-2008
Measurements on 3GPP WCDMA User Equipment According to Standard TS 34.121 1MA68 10-Dec-2008
Measurements on 3GPP UE's according to TS34.121 with R&S®CMUgo: Tests with combined Instruments 1MA130 09-Dec-2008
UTRA-FDD Receiver Tests Under Fading Conditions with CMU and ABFS 1MA54 25-Jun-2008
CDMA2000®1xRTT / 1xEV-DO Measurement of time relationship between CDMA RF signal and PP2S clock 1CM33 09-Nov-2007
CDMA2000®1xRTT/1xEV-DO Hybrid Mode Testing 1CM65 01-Oct-2007
CDMA2000®1xEV-DO Packet Data Testing with R&S®CMU200 1CM64 04-May-2007
CDMA2000®: Packet Data Testing with R&S®CMU200 1CM51 25-Apr-2007
Measurements on Bluetooth Devices using R&S®CMU200 and R&S®CMUgo 1CM50 06-Oct-2006
How to do Measurements according to TS 34.121 in presence of the HS-DPCCH with the R&S®CMU200 1CM62 25-Nov-2005
Power Measurements on WLAN Modules with the R&S®CMU 200 and with CMUgo 1CM55 18-Oct-2005
GSM Measurements with the R&S®CMU200 and CMUgo 1CM57 24-May-2005
Test of DVB-H Capable Mobile Phones in Development and Production 1MA91 07-Apr-2005
3GPP Receiver Test Under Fading Conditions With CMU and SMIQ. 1MA76 01-Mar-2005
High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) Test and Measurement Requirements 1MA82 01-Feb-2005
CDMA2000® Receiver Tests Under Fading Conditions with R&S®CMU and ABFS 1MA64 21-Jan-2005
WCDMA / CDMA2000® Intermodulation Calibration for Zero IF Chipsets 1CM54 16-Dec-2004
(E)GPRS Measurements with R&S CMU200 and CMUgo 1CM52 07-Sep-2004
Measurements on AMPS phones with the R&S®CMU200 and R&S®CMUgo 1CM53 07-Sep-2004
Testing Network Registering for GSM/IS136 Multi-mode Mobile Phones 1CM31 07-Mar-2003
Bluetooth Transmitter Measurements without Connection Setup 1MA49 04-Feb-2003
How to implement GTSL outside a test stand environment 1SC01 02-Jul-2002
Transmitter and Receiver Measurements on Bluetooth Modules with R&S®CMU200 1MA46 06-Aug-2001
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