1MA228: How to use Rohde & Schwarz Instruments with LabVIEW

Having the possibility to remotely control instruments has become the necessity not only in the field of automated production testing but more and more already in the phase of development. One of the programming environments that makes this task accessible for designers with very little or no programming experience is LabVIEW. To make the remote control of instruments easier, Rohde & Schwarz provides the LabVIEW Instrument drivers that take away the burden of controlling, synchronization, response formatting and error handling from the developer.

This paper explains how to use Rohde & Schwarz instruments together with LabVIEW in order to prepare an automated measurement task quickly and efficiently. It focuses mainly on using Rohde & Schwarz LabVIEW Instrument drivers, in addition in several occasions it also shows comparisons with the approach of a plain SCPI communication.

The Application note comes with two Quick Drop plugins for LabVIEW. One integrates searching for a desired instrument command, the second one automates the Block Diagram connection and alignment of driver subVIs.

Name Type Language Version Date Size
1MA228_4e_LabVIEW_Drivers.pdf Application Note English 4e 15.04.2015 2 MB
rsidrToolboxInstall-5_1_0.vi Application Note File English 5.1.0 21.10.2016 10 MB
1MA228_Attachment_200.zip Application Note File English 2.0.0 15.01.2015 888 kB
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