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Webinar: The Rebirth of HF

Presented by: Paul Denisowski

This webinar explains why the "lost art" of HF is not only still relevant, but has been making a comeback in recent years, particularly in the area of both local and global communications. A central topic of this presentation is why much of the rebirth of HF is due to advancements in a wide range of fields, such as antenna design and digital modulation schemes, as well as improvements in our understanding of propagation and how we can adapt to the challenges of propagation at HF. In addition to these topics, this webinar discusses how the performance and capabilities of HF direction finding / radiolocation have been improved in recent years and why DF has become an important enabler of HF as a modern communications technology.

Featured technical papers

The rebirth of HF white paper preview image

The Rebirth of HF White Paper

A review of the basics of HF propagation to the advances in enabling technologies.

Understanding NVIS Education Note

Understanding NVIS Education Note

This education note describes the propagation principles and techniques of Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS).

HF Test and Measurement Solutions

CMA180 radio test set

R&S®CMA180 Radio Test Set

Analog and Digital Radio Test up to 150 Watts input peak power.

R&S FPC spectrum analyzer

R&S®FPC spectrum analyzer

Entry level spectrum and signal analyzer with unexpected performance.

Cable rider ZPH

R&S®Cable Rider ZPH

All the essential basic measurement capabilities required for installing and maintaining antenna systems in the field.

SMCV100B vector signal generator

Vector Signal Generator R&S®SMCV100B

Entry level vector signal generator for analog and digital signal generation.

HF Radio Communications

M3SR Series 4100

R&S®M3SR Series4100 Software Defined Radios

HF radio family for stationary and shipborne communications


R&S®M3SR Series4100 HF Broadband System

Flexible and modular multiline radio system

M3TR Software Defined Radios

R&S®M3TR Software Defined Radios

Radio family for multiband tactical communications.

MMHS STANAG 4406-Based Military Message Handling System

R&S®MMHS STANAG 4406-Based Military Message Handling System

Automatic and reliable exchange of information in radio and wireline communications networks

STANAG 5066 HF Radio Data Communications System

R&S®STANAG 5066 HF Radio Data Communications System

Connecting your naval forces providing e-mail and IP connectivity via HF radio networks

Postman III

R&S®Postman III

Radiocommunications system for state-of-the-art IP based data transmission

Civil aviation resources

R&S®XK516 HF Datalink Radio

Airborne HF Voice and Data Radio

2020 Antennas Catalog

R&S Communications Antennas

Communications antennas offering optimal characteristics both for transmission and reception

HF Monitoring and Direction Finding

Active Antennas for Radiomonitoring

Active Antennas for Radiomonitoring

This application note covers the working principles of active antennas for radio monitoring in the HF frequency range.

Evolution of the modern receiver

Evolution of the Modern Receiver

This white paper discusses the evolution to the modern receiver architecture in a crowded spectrum environment.

DF Accuracy Requirements for Monitoring Stations

DF Accuracy Requirements for Monitoring Stations

This white paper describes the contributions to system level Direction Finding accuracy.


R&S®DDF1GTX High-Speed Scanning HF Direction Finder

Extremely fast and accurate direction finding system.

R&S®ADD011SR Super-resolution HF DF Antenna

R&S®ADD011SR Super-resolution HF DF Antenna

Stationary and transportable HF DF antenna solution.

Super-resolution DF method

Super-resolution DF method

This application card described the methodolgy behind super-resolution direction finding.

HF News from Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz teams with Babcock Australasia

Rohde & Schwarz teams with Babcock Australasia

Rohde & Schwarz was selected by Babcock Australasia to provide high frequency (HF) radios for the New Zealand Defence Force.