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4G 5G Base Station Mobile Network Test

Webinar Series: 4G to 5G Revolution

Learn key trends, challenges and technical issues that are impacting mobile network field testing and the transition to 5G.

Technical and product experts from Rohde & Schwarz will discuss the key trends, challenges and technical issues that are impacting mobile network field testing and how mobile operators and field maintenance companies can prepare for the changes that are about to take place as mobile operators transition to 5G.

  • New frequency bands for 5G
  • RF vs. mm-wave
  • Rethinking interferers in 5G
  • New KPI’s for a new use cases
  • Grappling with network complexity while maintaining QoE
  • Getting more done with less

Webinars On-Demand

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing for 5G – Technology and Testing Overview

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing for 5G – Technology and Testing Overview

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing is an innovative technology by which mobile operators can avoid the expensive, time-consuming process of spectrum refarming, and deploy 5G NR in their existing LTE bands.

In this webinar our technology expert will explain DSS as well as share some of the latest measurement tools and techniques for ensuring its successful implementation.

Fundamental learnings from benchmarking 5G networks

Fundamental learnings from benchmarking 5G networks

This webinar describes an approach to overcome challenges and uses real measurements from benchmarking first commercial deployments of 5G to analyze a network’s true performance and measure its ability to support current and future use cases. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to/ more about:

  • 5G deployment status and challenges
  • A scalable, deep-dive analytics approach
  • Case study from recent field measurements
  • Testing lower latency, higher capacity, and increased throughput

Field Test Resources

MNT 5G site testing poster

Poster: 5G Site Testing

A step-by-step guide to the required RF and functional 5G site acceptance tests.

LTE white paper thumbnail

LTE Mobile Network Optimization – A Definitive Guide

This white paper addresses the wireless network optimization challenges from a radio network perspective. KPIs and PIs, field measurement metrics and parameters are described in the correct context.

Interference hunting in 5G networks

Interference Hunting in 5G Networks

This webinar discusses what interference hunting is and applications in 5G networks.

DAS Poster

Poster: Testing passive networks in DAS

This poster provides a graphical overview of the various implementations of DAS including passive, active and hybrid.

Understanding PIM White Paper

Understanding PIM White Paper

This paper explains what PIM is, sources of PIM, how PIM is identified and tested, and the ways PIM sources can be located.


Comparing CW and Low Duty Cycle PIM

In this paper, CW and LDC measurement techniques are explored and explains the reason for LDC has longer testing times.

Interference Hunting

Interference hunting in TDD Networks

See how we enable users to effectively suppress TDD signals and show persistent interferers on the spectrum display.

Paper: Testing Passive Networks in DAS

Paper: Testing Passive Networks in DAS

This white paper focuses on DAS-oriented cable and antenna tests and the infrastructure of contractors who install and test DAS.


Video: Understanding PIM

This video explains the basic principles behind PIM, why PIM is an issue in wireless communications, and how to test PIM.

Network Optimization Resources

Network Performance Score

Network Performance Score

This paper describes the application of an integrated and transparent methodology to characterize mobile network performance.

5G NR Network Measurements

5G NR Network Measurements

This Application Note highlights where users of network scanners will benefit and what can be analyzed.

5G NR let's test

5G NR Networks Are Here - let's test!

This paper describes 5G NR technology basics like beamforming for synchronization signals and broadcast channel information.

Interactivity Test White Paper

Interactivity Test White Paper

This paper explains why it is necessary to measure the key performance parameters of throughput, latency and continuity.

QoE of Social Media Applications

QoE of Social Media Applications

This paper analyzes the social media data category that covers all services where data is transferred between a client device and a server.

Smart Factories

Webinar: 5 Phases of 5G Network Testing

Webinar: 5 Phases of 5G Network Testing

Watch this webinar to discover how testing every phase of the mobile network in smart factories provide efficent use of network resources.

Poster: 5G Brings Smart Factories to a New Level

Poster: 5G Brings Smart Factories to a New Level

This poster shows the different testing stages and their specifications in order to enable efficient use of network resources.

antenna basics white paper preview image

Antenna Basics White Paper

This white paper describes the basic functionality of antennas. Starting with Hertz's Antenna model followed by a short introduction to the fundamentals of wave propagation, the important general characteristics of an antenna and its associated parameters are explained. A more detailed explanation of the functionality of some selected antenna types concludes this white paper.

Further Learning

MNT YouTube Playlist

Videos of Mobile Networking Testing T&M Solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

MNT Blog

Posts about the latest measurement approaches, software designs, emerging tech., and everything testing from RF to QoE.

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