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Insights and outlooks: three engineers in discussion

Our engineers and hardware developers took on some of our very keen questions. Learn more about their habits, opinions and how they rate their teamwork. Clear the stage for Tobias Störch, David Connolly and Christoph Rangl: they completed the following sentences for us:

Questions for Tobias, Hardware Developer


A completely normal day of hardware engineering at Rohde & Schwarz starts with…

… a cup of black coffee.

Hardware development at Rohde & Schwarz means...

… facing new challenges every single day. A true highlight is to be working with high-end measurement equipment made by Rohde & Schwarz. ;)

Questions for David, Engineer


The most exciting development for me…

… was the satisfaction of nurturing the team to become something far greater than the sum of its parts. That is the most valuable and surprising aspect of this role for me.

It is typical for our engineers that they…

… take pride in what they do, put it out there for review and criticism with confidence and humility, and look forward to the feedback and criticism; it will always make you a better engineer.

Engineers at Rohde & Schwarz can expect to achieve and learn a lot – especially to…

… celebrate innovation, which we take great pride in. Also it is important to us to provide the space for our folks to experiment, engineer and innovate. Cutting-edge software frameworks are developed in house by very talented engineers, so there's plenty of opportunity for us to learn best practices from what other colleagues do.

When you have been around for a few years, our engineers tend to say…

… the technical learning never stops, as we are on the leading edge of technology.

Questions for Christoph, Hardware Developer


Vital to a project is...

… to be well aligned with your colleagues. Optional then is some nourishment for nerves. Sugar is a nice helper here to overcome some hard times before we reach the next important milestone.

When new colleagues join us, we…

… are happy to welcome a new addition to our team. New team members are of great support to us since they have a completely impartial view on our projects.

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