Connectivity and Hardware Interfaces


Rohde & Schwarz instruments offer various interfaces for remote control including LAN, GPIB, USB or a combination of these. For specific information about your instrument’s connectivity, refer to the operating manual.

Rohde & Schwarz recommends the R&S®VISA (virtual instrument software architecture) software for remote control of instruments via LAN or USB. VISA software installation on your host PC enables I/O hardware-independent remote control applications.

For more details about the connectivity of Rohde & Schwarz instruments, refer to:

  • Rohde & Schwarz signal generators can be connected in various ways to system controllers (typically PCs) and external PC peripherals. Although most of these connection operations are also explained in the instrument manuals, it is not always easy to maintain an overview. Operating manuals commonly focus on explaining a dedicated feature of a single instrument. This application note examines a range of typical user tasks and how to solve them with the different instruments.

  • Spectrum and network analyzers equipped with network interface cards can be integrated in Local Area Networks (LAN). This Application Note describes how to remote control these instruments over a LAN and use VXIpnp instrument drivers over a LAN.

  • This application note provides hints for implementing remote control programs using Rohde & Schwarz spectrum and network analyzers. The document makes suggestions for improved remote control performance and describes aspects of measurement synchronization in detail. Finally the document discusses some typical challenges of remote control in production test.

  • The aim of this application note is to provide information regarding Rohde & Schwarz instrument drivers. This paper shall help application engineers and software developers to easily get an understanding of advanced techniques to develop test and measurement (T&M) applications by utilizing Rohde & Schwarz instrument drivers. Furthermore the nomenclature used for Rohde & Schwarz instrument drivers will be explained.

  • This application note introduces the IVI High Speed LAN Instrument Protocol (HiSLIP) and outlines its features. HiSLIP is the successor to the VXI-11 LAN remote control protocol. This document also describes guidelines for using this protocol.

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