5G New Radio - Advanced Technology and Testing Aspects

Seminar Tour Presented by Reiner Stuhlfauth

September 2019 Schedule

5G NR is no longer marketing hype, but is quickly becoming reality. In 2019 and 2020, the mass deployments and rollout of 5G networks and devices will materialize. Now that 3GPP Rel-15 standard is in place, the industry must now focus on transforming these specifications into real products and services.

In this seminar, we will provide a thorough analysis of the 5G NR physical layer, its procedures and testing aspects. The main focus will be on the air interface with its channels, physical signals and timing. Procedures like resource allocation, beamforming and mobility aspects will be discussed, as well as what to expect in 3GPP release 16. As an essential component to guarantee success, 5G NR testing solutions will be described as well.

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About the Presenter

Reiner Stuhlfauth, Technology Manager Wireless

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Reiner Stuhlfauth is a Technology Marketing Manager working in the Wireless market segment at Rohde & Schwarz’s Headquarters in Munich, Germany. He is responsible for teaching and promoting mobile communication technologies, especially cellular standards such as: GSM, (E)GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, LTE-Advanced and 5G NR, but also non-cellular technologies such as WLAN and Bluetooth. He is also involved in a number of projects concerning 5G, the next mobile communication technology.

In his role, he links development and sales organizations to coordinate implementation of technical features into R&S instruments and interactively discusses new requirements with R&S customers.

Reiner is one of a group of authors within R&S who have published a technology book on 5G NR: “5G New Radio – Fundamentals, procedures, testing aspects”.