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CMA180 / CMW100 (XRT100) Application can not be started due to "Error"


Sometimes when I start the XRT100 measurement, the CMA application returns a connection error. What can I do to avoid this problem?

XRT100 connection error


When initially starting both instruments, please keep in mind that the CMW100 will take some more time to boot in comparison to the CMA180. To be sure the CMW100 is ready for use, check the state in the VirtualBox before starting:

  • External Keyboard / Mouse (minimum) and Monitor will make the next steps more easy.
  • Another way is to control the CMA180 via Remote Desktop connection.
  • Standard Username / Password = instrument, 894129.

Open VirtualBox on your taskbar:

Open VirtualBox on your taskbar

If it is ready to be connected, you will see the GUI of the unit:

GUI ready to be connected

When now starting the XRT100 generator or analyzer, it should work (turns into yellow or green).

XRT100 Expert Digital

If you still can not establish a connection between the instruments, restart your CMA180 Firmware by double clicking the Restart symbol on CMA's desktop:

Restart CMA180 firmware