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ELEKTRA, export result tables to csv files, select decimal seperator


I have a question about ELEKTRA software regarding the export of result tables to csv files.

When I export result tables,

they are always saved in the csv file with a comma (e.g. 1,254 dB) and not with a decimal point (e.g. 1.254 dB).

Is there a way to change this? This would make further processing easier for me.


ELEKTRA always uses the settings specified in the Windows language settings for formatting the csw-file (it automatically adapts to the local language).

To get different formatting, the language settings must be changed . Here are the steps to change the settings:

1.) Open Region and Language from Windows Control Panel

2.) Click on "Additional settings"

3.) For the requested formatting please set "Decimal Symbol" to '.' and "Digital grouping Symbol" to ','. The "List separator" can also be changed if needed for your application.

4.) Click "OK" to save the changes. From now on, this change also affects to ELEKTRA csv export.