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EMC32, Level Sweep shape during Reference Calibration


I am doing Susceptibility test using EMC32. I have an issue with Reference Calibration test. In the Template I set level sweep (e.g. ISO) between frequencies but for references calibration test it does not matter, software does not take this option into account. Why does the software show this behavior?


The issue is with reference calibration. If you do a Reference Calibration Test the Level Sweep is set to OFF.

Reference calibration test

This is a wanted behavior. EMC32 makes this change in the Test Template during the Reference Calibration, only.

In a Reference Calibration it is intentional and purposeful to increase the speed, because typically the measurement is done without a EuT and therefore a level overshoot is not an issue. For EuT Qualification the situation is different. The Level Sweep shape of the test level over time is used as defined and repeated for every test frequency.

EMC 32 level sweep during reference calibration
EMC 32 level sweep during reference calibration
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