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ESU/FSQ with Windows XP has "Registry File Failure"


I got an error message when starting/booting my ESU / FSQ with Windows XP (registry file failure):

It is not possible to enter the ESU / FSQ application.

stop: c0000218 (Registry File Failure):

the registry cannot load the hive(file):


or its log or alternate.

It is corrupt, absent, or not writeable


This seems to be a small head crash of the ESU / FSQ hard disk or a Microsoft problem with WinXP.

The R&S service department can change the hard disk, but it you need your ESU / FSQ, then the following workaround might help.

Please try the following:

1. Enter Microsoft WinXP and start "Scandisk.exe" and "Defragmentation" of C:\ like with a normal PC.

2. Download the latest firmware version from R&S WEB and "Release Note", but do not use the version with GPIB transmission.

3. Please read the "Release Note" and copy the expanded firmware to an empty USB stick.

4. Start "Setup.EXE" from your USB stick, for example F:\disk1\setup.exe.

5. After installation you are in the ESU / FSQ application.

6. Press the SETUP hardkey of the ESU / FSQ, go to the right side menu, and press the FIRMWARE softkey.

7. Install the new firmware from your USB stick.

8. Switch the ESU / FSQ off.

9. Boot the ESU / FSQ and perform an "Internal Calibration Total". - Now your ESU / FSQ is like a new unit.