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Handling of SIM Cards with Wireless Communications Testers


This article describes the typical questions and considerations to be done while handling SIM Cards and using R&S instruments such as for example CMW500.


Service Provider SIM Cards contain typically high security handshake processes where specific keys are required. These keys are normally not delivered by the service providers and as such, the information required to be entered in equipment such as CMW500 is not available.

For these reasons R&S offers so called test SIM Cards, which can be used in the DUT, below an example as reference on the physical size for the CMX-Z01.

CMX-Z01 SIM Card

For these reasons R&S Test SIM Cards contain the default settings which are already loaded in the CMW for simplicity, here the associated security settings from the help as reference.


Access: "Config" hotkey > "Network" > "Security" section.
The "Security Settings" configure parameters for the authentification procedure and for integrity protection.

Security Settings

Changes can be done on the SIM card using a SW called UICC Profile Update Tool provided also from R&S. This requires a license, like for example CMW-KT014, and the general recommendation is to run the tool on a separate PC using a dongle to apply the changes on the SIM Card accordingly. If the DUT does not allow the use of a test SIM Card, an alternative is to request the manufacturer to activate the TS.48 Generic eUICC Test Profile for Device Testing.

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