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HMExplorer - Port for network connection


I can not connect to my device after defining it in HMExplorer for a network connection.

When taking a deeper look at the unit, everything seems to be fine. The IP-address is automatically set via DHCP. It can be reached using ping on the same computer where also HMExplorer is installed on.

After an attempt, HMExplorer throws the error message "LAN [Cannot Open] : Connection could not be established because the target refused the connection"

The default port definition in HMExplorer is 50000. The error message sounds like this would be the problem.


Indeed the port is the cause in this case. Most devices use

Port 5025

(the standard for Raw Port Socket connections).

Nevertheless, it should be mentioned at this point that the port can be freely selected on some devices. Accordingly, the device settings must also be checked in this context.