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HMP Series Power Supplies in Parallel or Serial connection using sensing


I want to expand the output power of my PSU using some channels in parallel.

How can I use sensing in that case?


No matter if serial or parallel connection:

  • You achieve best results when using the backplane connections (screwed connection).
  • The sensing lines always have to be connected the same way as the supply lines.
  • Just use one single sense line (master) when working in parallel mode to avoid unwanted behaviour (pumping, regulation effects).
  • Also when working in parallel mode, best practice is to lead the lines to your DUT in parallel.
  • Activate all connected channels to avoid overload of the protective diodes!
  • Use fuse linking for all used channels when working in serial mode.
  • All in all you have to take care about the line's resistance. Don't use too long connections between the ports and be sure to work with proper lines concerning the maximal current.
  • Take care to have no current flowing over the sense lines!
  • If you use the tracking mode (parallel changing of the output voltage), change to manual mode when observing too high current difference between the channels (refer to your device's manual in that case).