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How can I get test wave forms for the SDARS XM-Radio SIRIUS standard for a SMCV100B?


Rohde & Schwarz offer a option SMCV-KV14 to generate SDARS XM-Radio test wave forms with the vector signal generator SMCV100B.
But the needed test wave forms will not be delivered with this option, so where can I get the wave forms?


The provision of SDARS XM-Radio test waveform files requires a license from SiriusXM.

You must apply to SiriusXM for the license and the provision of the Test Waveform files yourself.

Rohde & Schwarz does not provide any XM-Radio waveform files itself, only the function to play waveform files.
If the required SMCV-KV14 option is installed, you can play XM Radio waveform files.