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How to determine the accuracy for L and C with the R&S LCX series LCR Meters


When looking at the data sheet of the LCX series I can not find any specifications concerning L and C.
Where do I find these informations?


All the specs for the LCX are based on Z / PHI / R(DC) as these are the base values to calculate all the other measurement results.
Let's assume you are using an LCX100 with a capacitor of 220 nF @ 1 kHz after the compensation measurement has been done.

Based on the formula Z(XL) = 1 / (2 * PI * f * C) we calculate*
Z = 1 / ( 2 * PI * 1E3 Hz * 220E-9 F )
Z = 723,4 Ohm

R(source)= is 100 Ohm in this case. When now looking into the adequate graph you can see that a Basic Accuracy of 0.05 % is met.

*: For Z(XL) the formula will be Z(XL) = 2 * PI * f * L