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How to Document Several Measurements in one Test Report


I need to put several measurements in a single report (for 1 DUT). How can I do that?


You usually need the EMC32-K11 test sequencer option to do this.

However, the following methods can be used as alternatives, though they may be more work-intensive:

A) Open a new report setup template --> In the EMC32 explorer, open the test component explorer via the toolbar --> Open the report setup where the report components are to be entered.

For each relevant test: Open the test only once by clicking (single click) on the test in the test components explorer (don't open the test with a double click) --> Now manually drag the relevant graphic or table from the test component view into the report view.

B) In each relevant test, save the report as an rtf file. Then manually combine all the test results in MS Word.