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How to trigger arbitrary waveform using the remote control


I created an arbitrary waveform using a remote control program. I am struggling to find the according SCPI command to trigger the sequence. At the moment I can only trigger it manually using the button on the device.

Is there a way to do this completely by remote control?


After defining the ARB sequence it will automatically get started when turning on the master output.

Here is a description of an adequate SCPI sequence:

# Prepare ARB
# Choose the port to apply the next commands to
# Delete last ARB definition in memory
# Sequence information: 5 V, 1 A, 2 s, no Interpolation, 10 V, 1 A... etc...
ARBitrary:DATA 5,1,2,0,10,1,2,0,12,1,2,0
# Number of repitions (0 would be infinite)
ARBitrary:REPetitions 5
# Hold the last value
ARBitrary:BEHavior:END HOLD
# Load the data into the ARB memory

# Now start the ARB sequence
# Arm the channel with ARB (would also work to switch it on / off after main output is on
ARBitrary:STATe ON
# Activate the channel (would also work only with next command)
# Activating the main output will start the ARB sequence at the same time

Tested with:
HMC8042 V1.400