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Is a two wire Ethernet 1000Base-T1 - IEEE 802.bp connection possible via the CMW-Z18 LAN feed-through interface of CMW-Z10?


Why is a connection with this standard not possible via the LAN feed-through interface (CMW-Z18) inside the Rohde & Schwarz Shielded Box (CMW-Z10)?


802.3bp is a standard for Ethernet data transmission over single twisted pair copper cables at a speed of 1000 Mbit/s. 802.3bp uses pulse amplitude modulation (PAM-3) and uses only one twisted pair cables with a bandwidth of 600 MHz and a characteristic impedance of 100 ohms.

There is a restriction for the maximum bandwidth that can be used because of the filters inside the CMW-Z18 socket. All Ethernet standards using more than 200 MHz bandwidth like 802.3bp will be attenuated by this filter and can not be used via the paththrough interface. Alternatives will be a converter that transform the 1000Base-T1 802.3bp connection into a 1000Base four wire standard that uses less bandwidth.