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Marker Demodulation


How can I use the marker demodulation?


The analyzers with audio demodulator and internal speaker (FSP: FSP-B3 required) offer the possibility

to demodulate the signal at the marker position and listen to the demodulated signal using the MARKER DEMOD function. AM and FM demodulation is possible. The MARKER DEMOD function can be used in ZERO SPAN and

in normal frequency sweeps.

Frequency domain: The sweep pauses at the marker position and demodulates the signal at the marker frequency.

The length of the sweep pause as well as the listening time are defined by means of the Marker Stop Time softkey.

Time domain (ZERO SPAN): Continuous demodulation at the set center frequency.

The time domain is the best choice for continuous demodulation at a single frequency.

In the frequency domain, you can also monitor a complete frequency band. Increase the sweep time to a

high value and use the CONT DEMOD softkey for continuous demodulation to listen to the demodulated

signal during the sweep.

The range can be monitored acoustically.