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Oscilloscope shows overlayed waveforms


I use the oscilloscope in RUN continious mode. When I press "STOP" more than one acquisitions are shown. The waveforms are overlayed. Is there a way to prevent this?


This is an effect of the graphical display.

If the time base setting is faster, the acquisition rate of the RTB/RTMRTA is faster than the graphic is able to display. Then several acquisitions are overlayed and displayed at the same time. This is the only way to display waveforms which appear very seldom.

There are three possibilities to prevent that:
1. Use the "Single" function. Then only one waveform is loaded into the memory of the graphic board.
2. Choose a slower time base, so that the graphic can display every waveform separately. To see more details use the zoom function.
3. You may use the "trigger hold off" function to reduce the acqusition rate:

The function can be found in the trigger menu.
You may try values around 1 ms or more.

FAQ Oscilloscope shows overlayed waveforms