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Remote control autocalibration with a calibration unit


I want to make a remote controlled balanced measurement, including calibration with a calibration unit. Which commands do I have to use for the calibration?


1) Measurement setup

Before you can initiate the calibration, you have to set up the balanced measurement. The R&S®ZNB/R&S®ZNBT should be in the state for measuring the device under test.

The calibration unit should be connected via USB and RF cable to the R&S®ZNB/R&S®ZNBT.

If you have only one calibration unit connected via USB cable, you can skip the next step.

2) Selection of calibration unit

To select a calibration unit, you have to use the following command to query which calibration units are connected:


Now you can select a calibration unit:

SYSTem:COMMunicate:RDEVice:AKAL:ADDRess '<address string of the calibration unit>'

3) Calibration

If the system is able to determine which R&S®ZNB port is connected with which calibration unit port, you can use the following command for the calibration:

CORR:COLL:AUTO '',1,2,3,4

(for detailed information on the commands, please see the manual)

Otherwise you have to use the following command:

CORR:COLL:AUTO:PORT '',1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4

With this command, you select which R&S®ZNB port is connected to which calibration unit port

4) Query end of calibration

You can query the end of the calibration with


or with the combination