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RTB/RTM/RTA-B6 – information about the CSV file format


I want to configure the arbitrary function of the waveform generator using CSV files. But I can not find any information about the file format.


The CSV file format is identical to that of the reference waveforms. If a waveform is exported to CSV, you can load that file into the arbitrary generator.
So you can easily play a waveform which has been captured before.

The file format is described in the current manual of RTB/RTM/RTA. Look into the chapter “Documenting results” à “Saving waveform data” à “Waveform file formats”.

If you open such a exported waveform with a simple editor (like notepad) you can see the format:

RTB/RTM/RTA-B6 – information about the CSV file format - screen

Every line is one sample.
The first column is the time, relative to the trigger. It starts with negative values. At “0.0000” the trigger happened.
The second value is the vertical part – the voltage at the given time.

Just another hint:
Do not open or even edit these CSV files with Excel. Values are changed without notice and you may see strange results.