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Scaling of frequency measurements RTE, RTO, RTP in cycles/min


I want to measure the frequency of a waveform. But I need the values in cycles/min. How can this be done?


At the moment there is no possibility to add calculations to measurement function. But there is a workaround:

Activate the frequency measurement

Then activate the "math waveform" function:

CH1 * Meas1/Ch1 * 60

--> this creates a horizontal waveform. The vertical position is a function of the frequency.

Now activate an amplitude measurement (max) of the math waveform

The result is the number of cycles per minute

Background information:

The math waveform function requires a time information. Any formulas without "CHX" is not accepted. To remove the "CHX" factor it is necessary to divide it again so that the result is 1.