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Timeout error when connect HMP from FORUM


I have the HMP connected via USB on VCP COM port 3.

When I send an *IDN? I get a Timeout error:

HMP_1: *IDN?
07:26:51.723 HMP_1: viOpen('ASRL3::INSTR')
07:26:51.733 HMP_1: *IDN?
07:26:54.740 HMP_1: 3004.3 ms VI_ERROR_TMO: Timeout expired before operation


The HMP needs a NewLine after the command.

So please add in Forum a '\n' after the command:

HMP_1: *IDN?\n
07:30:35.835 HMP_1: viOpen('ASRL3::INSTR')
07:30:35.842 HMP_1: *IDN?\n
07:30:35.901 HMP_1: 55.9 ms ROHDE&SCHWARZ,HMP4040,103340,HW50020003/SW2.62
['ROHDE&SCHWARZ', 'HMP4040', '103340', 'HW50020003/SW2.62']