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Transfering files using SSH connection


I want to transfer files from my windows PC to my signal generator using a SSH connection. How is this possible?


In order to transfer files from a Windows PC using a SSH connection you first have to install PuTTY on your PC.
Please select the latest version of MSI (‘Windows Installer’) for your computer and follow the installation process.

After PuTTY has successfully been installed. You can open a command line window and type the following command:

pscp -scp /path/to/file username@ip_adress:/path/to/destination

Here an example

After executing this command you will be asked about the instruments password. The standard password for the signal generators is "instrument".

When entered the password correctly the file is trasfered via the SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) that uses SSH mechanism for the transfer of the data and authentication.

The file can then be accessed in the file manager of the signal generator.