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Transferring ASCII trace data by memory card


I want to use the SD card instead of the LAN/USB cable to transfer ASCII trace data from the FSH4 to a laptop. Is this possible?


Yes, it is possible with the free of charge FSH4View software that comes with the instrument. The procedure is easy:

1.) Insert SD card into FSH4/8 SD card slot.


3.) Press INTERNAL / SD CARD softkey to change from internal memory to storage card

4.) Press SAVE to store your dataset

5.) Remove SD card from FSH4/8 and insert into your PC's card reader

6.) In FSH4VIEW, use FILE => OPEN to open the dataset; browse to the right folder,

select your dataset and click OPEN.

7.) The measurement result will be displayed on your PC screen.

8.) To do an ASCII export, select FILE => SAVE AS

9.) Save as type "*.txt", browse to the folder where you want to save the ASCII output and

click SAVE.

10.) Done.