FAQs from Rohde & Schwarz

undefined problems


Some problems and "hang-up situations" sometimes occur with the UP300 / UP350.

We heard a lot of things from Customer Support but we were not able to perform them with our unit, so we were not able to make sure whether there is a hardware error or not.


First of all, if a problem occurs that cannot be fixed, you should do a PRESET by means of the BACK/SYS button and selection of the first row.

Please repeat your settings and no problem should occur. (All your settings will be lost if they are not saved).

Please read page 6-275 of the UP300 / UP350 manual (= page 275 of 313 in the PDF file).

This is the main reset. The settings are saved whenever the UP350 is switched OFF. When it is switched ON again, it starts with the saved values.

- Problems due to lost bits can occur with the UP350 like with every PC.