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update license iKey 9.xx


How can I update my EMC32 base license iKey to enable version 9.xx ?


You have been sent a license key to enable the EMC32-U9E or EMC32-U9S option. To update your EMC32 base license, you will need this license key, the iKey of your base license and the iKey Merge Tool (which is installed with version 9).

Start the iKey Merge Tool from the EMC32 program group.

Connect only your base license iKey and press the “Load iKeys” button to read the data stored on this iKey.

To start the upgrade, press the “Upgrade to V9” button.

A new window will open. Enter the license key you were sent. Make sure to verify the selected Base License Type.

Press "Validate and Start Upgrade". If the upgrade was successful, the required U9 option will be displayed in the left window.

Press the “Exit” button to close the tool.