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  • Remote Control via RS232

    Remote Control via RS232QuestionI want to remote-control my analyzer with LabWindows via RS232. Can you tell me how to proceed because all my trials were in vain. Remote control is successful with GPIB, but I prefer to use RS232.AnswerThere can be some problems with remote control via RS232:1) Settings in the analyzer - SETUP => GENERA SETUP => COM INTERFACE- The OWNER must be INSTRUMENT. If it is

  • Storing TOUCHSTONE

    Storing TOUCHSTONEQuestionThe ZVR does not save data in a TOUCHSTONE format.AnswerThe program TOUCHSTONE requires data from a reflection (S11 or S22) measurement. Or all four S parameters. Then the algorithm will store the data. Please select 'ASCII' under 'items to save'.The measurement of S12 or S21 alone does not fulfill the TOUCHSTONE requirements and will not be stored.

  • Remote mode switches off the grid

    Remote mode switches off the gridQuestionControlling the ZVR via IEC bus switches off the grid. By setting to local the grid is on again. What can be done to show the grid in remote mode?AnswerSend the IEC command SYST:DISP:UPD ON. It will switch on the grid in remote mode.

  • Convert MEM to ASCII

    Convert MEM to ASCIIQuestionHow can the stored MEM data be converted into ASCII?AnswerThe DOS program UKNEW will convert the stored MEM data into files with the extension *.mtx (x is the number of the MEMory).Copy both files into the directory where the file *.mtx is. Start the program with: uknew <input file name like *.mtx> <output file name>Files: Name Last Modified SizeUKNEW.EXE Dec 6, 2012 26

  • How to Create a User-Defined PRESET

    How to Create a User-Defined PRESETQuestionHow to create a user-defined PRESETAnswerTo create your own PRESET, please proceed as follows:- Push the PRESET button.- Make the settings you want for your own PRESET.- Store the setup under a specific name (for example "MYPRESET")on the FSIQx, FSEx, ZVx and ESIBx:- Go to the "RECALL" menu (on the ZVx in the right side menu) and select the setup "

  • Impedance measurement of non 50 Ohm cable

    Impedance measurement of non 50 Ohm cableQuestionHow to measure impedance with non 50 Ohm cables?AnswerTo measure the cable impedance, it is necessary to connect the cable to the port of a network analyzer. This is very easy with unsymmetrical 50 Ohm coax cables. It is not easy in the case of 18 Ohm cables, for example. In the case of a symmetric cable, an additional network is required to match

  • Determine the coefficient of the standard OPEN

    Determine the coefficient of the standard OPENQuestionHow can one determine the coefficient of the standard OPEN?AnswerWith a ZVR or a ZVC it is possible to determine the coefficient of the standard OPEN. You need the conversion program and have to read the README attached to this program.Please proceed as follows: One has to know the length of the THROUGH and to enter it into the ZVR/C Calibrate

  • Calibration kit conversion HP to R&S

    Calibration kit conversion HP to R&SQuestionHow can we make a conversion from HP calibration kits to R&S calibration parameters in ZVR, ZVC, ZVCE, ZVRE, ZVRL?AnswerHP uses the unit F/Hz for C0 to C3 and the unit ps for the delay.ZVR however uses fF/GHz and mm for delay.Loss is neglected.Delay in ps (HP) will be converted to RS length as follows:l = c/f or l = 3 * 10E8 * yy psC0(HP) = C0(RS)C1(HP)

  • Get the hardcopy file via IEEE

    Get the hardcopy file via IEEEQuestionI need a piece of code which grabs the picture from the analyzer and puts it on a PC via IEEE interface.AnswerWith the following programm you can create a hardcopy in WMF format and transfer it to the PC. Please note that the variable (in my program 'S$') has to be large enough for the whole file.10 REM Set the termination EOI20 IEC TERM 130 IEC OUT 20,"SYST:

  • Getting information via remote control indicating whether the device is active or passive

    Getting information via remote control indicating whether the device is active or passiveQuestionI have several R&S ZVR with active or passive bridges.How can I tell via remote control if an active or a passive R&S ZVR is now connected?AnswerOn the command '*OPT?' you get as response for example the following string:

  • RSIB with 64-bit Windows 7?

    RSIB with 64-bit Windows 7?QuestionAfter upgrade from XP to 64-bit Windows 7, the RSIB connection does not work anymore?AnswerThe directory for DLLs has changed. Please copy the RSIB32.DLL to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Files: Name Last Modified SizeRsib32.dll Aug 21, 2013 102 kB

  • Is calibration switched on? Find out via IEEE bus.

    Is calibration switched on? Find out via IEEE bus.QuestionHow can we find out if calibration is switched on or off?(as it is indicated in the display)AnswerThe [SENSe[1...4]:]CORRection:STATe ON | OFF command switchescalibration on or off.The [SENSe[1...4]:]CORRection:STATe? query will return 1 if calibrationis switched on, and it will return 0 if calibration is switched off.

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