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Language: EN
Speaker: Prof. Nicola Femia, President of IPERA

Webinar: Impact of inductors saturation on EMI

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Webinar: Impact of inductors saturation on EMI

This webinar is intended for engineers who work on power electronics designs. Saturation effects of inductors can influence EMI and are therefore frequently to be avoided. On the other hand, allowing an inductor to operate in a state of saturation provides significant size and weight reduction gains. This last webinar of the expert webinar series focuses on the impact of inductors saturation on EMI. Models and tools facilitating the selection of minimum size filter inductors meeting various specifications such as noise spectrum attenuation, stability, losses, size, and part count are presented, and applied to practical examples. Control chip features increasing the efficiency of switch-mode power supplies under low-load operation are discussed, and their impact on EMI and filter specifications and design is highlighted through experimental measurements of Differential Mode (DM) and Common Mode (CM) conducted EMI.