R&S®SmartONE Mobile Network Testing Software

ONE Tool for Optimization, Network benchmarking and Engineering

SmartONE mobile network testing software
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SmartONE mobile network testing software

Key facts

  • Easy to use web-based user interface
  • Remote controlled campaigns in combination with SmartMonitor
  • Support for Qualcomm, Samsung Exynos and HiSilicon chipsets
  • Supports laptop, but also large Benchmarker II configurations
  • Expert GUI for engineering and optimization

R&S®SmartONE drive and walk test data collection software for all mobile technologies

With specialized user interfaces and features for each usecase, and support of a multitude of devices and test options, it is a powerful tool to manage data acquisition on drive or walk test campaigns. Remote control, scalable hardware options and integrated data analysis functions enable network operators, service companies and regulators to perform all tasks from pre-launch testing to optimization and benchmarking.

Features & benefits

One tool for all use cases - with no compromises

Dedicated user interfaces for optimum efficiency

The customizable web user interface (standard mode) facilitates easy and fast system configuration. It offers execution and monitoring of test campaigns as well as real time insights while performing network benchmarking or optimization. For those requiring more detailed insights in areas of engineering or optimization, a dedicated user interface (expert mode) provides comprehensive details of coverage measurements, interference identification, performance measurements and quality analysis in mobile networks.

R&S®SmartONE Mobile Network Testing Software
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Efficient datacollection with R&S®SmartONE

Boosting efficiency in collecting data

Remote control capability and highly reliable campaign execution

R&S®SmartONE, in connection with SmartMonitor, allows real-time monitoring of campaigns and to remotely take control of test equipment. This enables experts in the office to remotely assist engineers in the field.
R&S®SmartONE allows to seamlessly configure one or more systems to complete various advanced testing scenarios. A robust and automated pre-test check prevents user and configuration errors. With these features in place, R&S®SmartONE offers the lowest re-drive rate in the industry.

R&S®SmartONE Mobile Network Testing Software
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Remote Control of R&S®SmartONE from SmartMonitor

R&S®SmartONE, in connection with SmartMonitor, allows real-time monitoring of campaigns and to remotely take control of test equipment.

Flexibility and scalability from small to large

Testing in all environments with the best suited hardware setup

R&S®SmartONE is a versatile control software that masters all mobile network testing environments from the lab, through engineering and optimization up to large-scale benchmarking, for drive tests or indoor walk tests. R&S®SmartONE supports a wide range of MNT hardware, starting from a Benchmarker II chassis to support large numbers of devices, Vehicle Roof Box and device containment modules (TCM), up to R&S®TSMx drive test scanners and the R&S®Freerider 4 Backpack.

R&S®SmartONE Mobile Network Testing Software
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Benchmarker II – The reference benchmarker

Supports large-scale drive tests

Wide range of technology support

Wide range of technology support in a single software

R&S®SmartONE supports multiple technologies in a single software solution. R&S®SmartONE supports 5G NR, GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA+, CDMA2000® 1xEV-DO Rev. A, WLAN (IEEE 802.11a, b, g, n), WiMAX™ (IEEE 802.16e), LTE, NB IoT/Cat NB1, LTE-M and TETRA.  5G NR analysis is fully implemented, including features such as DSS and Stand Alone mode, as well as support for the latest Android based smartphones, modules, routers and CPEs operating with Qualcomm, Exynos or HiSilicon chipsets.

R&S®SmartONE Mobile Network Testing Software
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Testing IoT Networks with R&S®SmartONE

R&S®SmartONE with a R&S®TSMx scanner and IoT modules, provides complete test cases, also for IoT specific features coverage enhancement levels (CE), PSM and eDRX.

Fast results through sophisticated data analysis

R&S® SmartONE guides the user to insightful conclusions during the measurement or in replay

The collected data can be analyzed either on one of the many predefined views or simply by plotting the wide range of parameters onto one of the configurable views: line charts, scatter plots, table views, grid views, statistical tools or a map with BTS lists. A signal analyzer allows  acquired signals to be manipulated, analyzed in depth and further processed using customized formulas. KPI statistics provide a fast overview of the tested network.

R&S®SmartONE Mobile Network Testing Software
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Sophisticated Data Analysis

Detailed drill down of 5GNR performance with R&S®SmartONE expert user interface.

More value from testing with smartphones

R&S®SmartONE can execute tests directly on smartphones, using the devices’ native software, even for commercial-off-the-shelf devices with an open trace port. In addition, fully integrated QualiPoc Android smartphones can be connected to R&S®SmartONE, enabling another level of testing, including speech quality. Application testing using standard Android apps, or advanced forcing, which is important in the area of optimization and troubleshooting is also possible.

R&S®SmartONE Mobile Network Testing Software
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Testing true end user experience with R&S®SmartONE and QualiPoc Android

These test results using a real device, reflect the true end-user experience.

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