R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite

High security endpoint protection suite for Microsoft® Windows™ 10 endpoints

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite
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R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite

Key facts

  • Transparent software-only Windows™ 10 endpoint protection suite
  • Highly secure VPN remote access with R&S®Trusted VPN Client
  • Highly secure full disk encryption with R&S®Trusted Disk
  • Highly secure browsing with R&S®Browser in the Box
  • Capable for VS-NfD RESTRICTED endpoints

Modular R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite brings high security endpoint protection

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite is a modular software solution for Microsoft® Windows™ 10 endpoints, providing highly secure VPN remote access to authority and company networks, highly secure full disk encryption for data loss prevention and the award-winning highly secure browsing solution R&S®Browser in the Box.

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite is developed for VS-NfD RESTRICTED usage so that it also fits the needs and requirements of VS-NfD RESTRICTED endpoints.

Features & benefits

Endpoint protection suite for Microsoft® Windows™ 10

High secure protection for Microsoft® Windows™ 10 based endpoints

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite provides a full feature endpoint protection suite for Microsoft® Windows™ 10 based endpoints.

  • VPN remote access for encrypted data transmission
  • Full disk encryption for data loss prevention
  • Secure browser and document viewer

No specific hardware

Hardware requirements are not set to specific hardware devices

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suites is built for Microsoft® Windows™ 10 and therefore no specific hardware is required. No special, rugged or limited laptop hardware is required. Existing hardware can be re-used and no change to the rollout procedures of software is required.

VPN Remote Access Data Encryption

Secure remote access using R&S®Trusted VPN Client

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite offers R&S®Trusted VPN Client as VPN client for encrypted remote access.

The R&S®Trusted VPN Client protects network communication of a client platform (laptop, tablet) to the internal network of the organization across an untrusted network as the Internet for instance. This enables the user to work on classified documents at airports, in home office, on trains or in other public spaces.

Full disk encryption

Secure full disk encryption using R&S®Trusted Disk​

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite offers R&S®Trusted Disk as full disk encryption for encrypting system hard drives and USB drives.

R&S®Trusted Disk protects stored data in Microsoft® Windows™ 10 against data theft. In case the endpoint device (e.g. tablet, laptop) has been stolen, the data remains secure as the attacked cannot get access to the data stored on the system while it was turned off.

Browser and document viewer

Secure browsing and document viewer using R&S®Browser in the Box

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite offeres R&S®Browser in the Box, the award-winning solution for secure browsing and document viewing.

R&S®Browser in the Box isolates threats from internet in a virtualization based surf environment using full virtualization technologies by Oracle® VirtualBox™ or Microsoft® Windows™ 10 Hyper-V. Webpages and documents from unknown or dubious origin can be opened. Next to the web browser also a document viewer can be used.

Developed for VS-NfD

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite is developed to comply with VS-NfD RESTRICTED requirements from BSI

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite is developed for complying the VS-NfD RESTRICTED requirements for secure remote access (VPN) and full disk encryption. R&S®Trusted Disk is already available in a VS-NfD RESTRICTED approved version and R&S®Trusted VPN Client is developed to ensure that all requirements for a VS-NfD approval can be fulfilled.

R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite therefore fits public authorities and industries with the need to handle classified data perfectly.

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