R&S®TS6 TRM test library

Test automation software for TRM characterization

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R&S®ZVA Network analyzer, R&S®ZVAX-TRM and TRM test library
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R&S®ZNA with R&S®TS6 and Demo-TRM
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TS6 R&S®ZVA Network analyzer, R&S®ZVAX-TRM and TRM test library R&S®ZNA with R&S®TS6 and Demo-TRM

Key facts

  • All typical tests for a TRM covered by standard software
  • DUT-specific test case adaptation by parametrization
  • Open C# DUT control interface
  • Automation reduces calibration and testing effort
  • Suitable for development and production

Automation of all tests typical for a TRM in developmant and production based on long-standing experience in TRM testing

State-of-the-art AESA radars contain several housand TRMs each, and each TRM must be tested separately during the development and production stage. To handle the large number of different measurements and result values, these tests require a high degree of automation. The R&S®TS6 TRM test library software automates all tests typical for a TRM characterization. It utilizes an R&S®ZNA or R&S®ZVA vector network analyzer and additional equipment . The test software comprises the R&S®TSrun test sequencer and TRM-specific test cases for all common types of TRM tests. Configuration by test parameters for each test case and an open DUT control ensures the flexibility to adopt DUT-specific requirements.

Features & benefits

Automation of all tests typical for a TRM

Automation is an essential requirement for TRM testing, due to the fact that a single S-parameter test over all attenuation/phase states of a DUT can already create tens of thousands of result values. In combination with other tests a module characterization gets even more complex.

R&S®TS6 TRM test library
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Test cases and typical hardware configurations

R&S®TS6 TRM test library test cases and typical hardware configurations.

Based on long-standind experience

Rohde & Schwarz has been providing test equipment and test solutions for TRM testing for a long time. The TS6 TRM test library is based on this experience. Users will also benefit from this in the future: as Rohde & Schwarz standard software, new features and developments become available as updates and upgrades. Together with the flexibility of an open device control and a wide range of test parameters, the result is a powerful TRM test tool.

Live demonstration by demo TRM

The performance and capabilities of the software can be easily demonstrated live using a ZNA or ZVA vector network analyzer, with or without ZVAX-TRM or OSP‑TRM. For this purpose, two different TS‑TRM‑ES evaluation sets are available, consisting of an X-band low-power demo TRM:

  • Control of the TRM via USB interface, allowing a very simple control setup.
  • Control of the TRM via the cTSVP for high-speed module control with optimized handover to the measurement.
R&S®TS6 TRM test library
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Block diagram of demo TRM module

Scalable in supported hardware

From a single vector network analyzer up to a large TRM test system

  • Smallest configuration: standalone ZNA or ZVA vector network analyzer with additional equipment
  • Adding the ZVAX-TRM to a ZVA unit: all test cases covered in pulsed and CW mode
  • Fully automated tests (e.g. for production): OSP-TRM signal  conditioning unit is supported. In this configuration, the TS6 TRM test library is also part of the turnkey TS6710 TRM test solution.
  • Adding the FSW signal and spectrum analyzer: Enhanced  performance of some test cases
R&S®TS6 TRM test library
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Open DUT interface

TRMs not only have device-specific control and test parameters, they are also often classified or company confidential. In this case, control implementation and software parametrization can be carried out locally by the TS6 TRM test library open control plugin programmed in C# and delivered with a code example. The user or Rohde & Schwarz can adopt this code to communicate to the specific module. All trigger signals for the module are also controlled here.

R&S®TS6 TRM test library
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Open DUT control and trigger interface

Parametrization allows flexible configuration

Each test case can be configured by a wide range of parameters. This covers the detailed RF settings, measurement paths, ports and DUT states, providing high flexibility in configuring a test case for a dedicated task. A test case can also cover different measurements, e.g. the S-parameter test can cover gain, attenuation and phase stability and isolation. It can be included in a test plan a number of times to cover different test aspects.

R&S®TS6 TRM test library
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Dedicated TRM test cases reduce testing complexity

Manual tests typically require parameter settings in different Since the TS6 TRM test library is dedicated for TRM testing, complexity and effort are reduced to a one-time test parameter definition for a specific test. This significantly reduces the effort involved, especially when repeating tests, combining them with other tests or varying parameters. It also ensures repeatability and comparability of results due to standardized test procedures.

R&S®TS6 TRM test library
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Test plan configuration with TRM specific test cases

Easy configuration and modifications of test plans.

Optimized automated calibration routine

In the TS6 TRM test library, each test case stores its calibration requirements in a common file. The calibration procedure analyzes the requirements of all test cases selected for calibration. The calibration routine runs a sequence optimized for minimum manual interactions without compromising measurement accuracy. Using a calibration unit and a power meter, the person carrying out the calibration is guided through the process.

R&S®TS6 TRM test library
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Automated and guided calibration routine

Automated calibration for minimum manual interactions without compromising measurement accuracy.

Automatic pass/fail analysis and detailed report

The integrated report generator displays the results in clearly structured tables and graphics including the settings and provides a color-coded pass/fail representation for fast visual evaluation. A live view of test data is available directly in the TSrun sequencer, and an additional test report is generated as PDF or Excel (xlsx) files. In addition, S-parameters can be saved as zipped Touchstone files.

R&S®TS6 TRM test library
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Evaluation by pass/fail criteria plus detailed results

Easy evaluation by pass/fail criteria plus detailed graphical and numerical results for in-depth analysis of deviations and drifts.

Available models

Available models

  • Product Name


    Order number 1519.0407.02

    USB (license dongle) smart card with R&S®TS6 software, USB smart card reader

Available options

Software options
Product Description


Order number 1519.0459.02


TRM test library, test case S-parameter


Order number 1519.0465.02


TRM test library, test case packet 1


Order number 1519.0471.02


TRM test library, test case packet 2


Order number 1519.0488.02


TRM test library, test case bundle, including R&S®TS6-K20/-K22/-K25

Product Description


Order number 1525.0728.02


TRM evaluation set (USB)


Order number 1525.0728.03


TRM evaluation set (R&S®CompactTSVP)

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