R&S®Browser in the Box

R&S®Browser in the Box

Innovative cybersecurity solutions for laptops, desktops and mobile devices

We offer innovative, proactive solutions to protect your endpoint equipment: laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Our broad spectrum of single-source solutions covers all key aspects of an advanced IT landscape. From secure browsing and secure desktops with comprehensive protection against advanced persistent threats to secure mobile devices and voice encryption to hard disks, device encryption and encryption for cloud- based memory and file shares. An easily administered, standardized and centralized system to manage your devices and security guidelines ensures seamless integration into existing network infrastructures and directory services.

Your challenges

IT security is not just about protecting networks. Bring your own devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops represent vulnerable targets for cyber criminals. In order to protect their intellectual property and sensitive information against cyber risks. Through technologies, inlcuding virtualization and separation of corporate areas from the operating systems, we provide solutions that proactively prevent cyber attacks and malicious code to infiltrate into endpoints. At the same time, they are easy to use and to deploy. Moreover, we offer platforms to centrally manage security policies.

Protection against data leakage through telemetry data in Microsoft®Office™ and Windows 10™

R&S®Browser in the Box secures your system against data leakage through telemetry data in Microsoft® Office™ and Windows 10™.

As a result of the Internet-Intranet-disconnection, the Microsoft services responsible for sending telemetry data no longer reach their counterparts on the Internet, while through R&S®Browser in the Box, the user can continue to enjoy unrestricted and secure Internet access for their daily work.

In contrast to Windows-side modifications according to various available instructions, the approach over R&S®Browser in the Box is a proactive blocking of all telemetry services - even if Microsoft® or other manufacturers introduce new services, new URL or similar, sensitive corporate data and government data in their network only.

Protection against malicious attachments

R&S®Browser in the Box now offers enhanced protection, for example, against malicious email attachments. The new feature Docs in the Box includes a viewer function that allows you to inspect all attachments of standard office applications with Internet access such as Skype in a secure virtualized environment.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Virtual environment for secure and comfortable web browsing.
  • Secure smartphones and tablets protecting confidential corporate data.
  • Full-disk and device encryption for user data, entire operating system and temporary data.
  • Centralized, agile management solutions to configure security policies.
Browser in the Box - Enterprise

R&S®Browser in the Box - Workstation

  • Secure internet surfing
  • Highest security through full virtualization
  • Complete security package with Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Central management and LDAP support
  • Open source for third-party components
Browser in the Box -Terminal Server

R&S®Browser in the Box - Terminal Server

  • Support for terminal servers and virtualized server environments
  • Highest security through full virtualization
  • Protection against malware, zero day exploits and APT
  • Central management and LDAP support
  • Complete security package with Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Citrix-ready

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eGovernment Readers Choice Awards 2018

eGovernment Readers Choice Awards 2018

The fully virtualized R&S®Browser in the Box has been awarded with Silver at the “eGovernment Readers Choice Award” 2018 in the category „Identity and Security“.

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