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Power supplies & Power analyzer promotion

High performance and versatility. Great savings.

Do you want a digital I/O and the ability to remotely control your DC power supply? Or are you looking for maximum power at a variety of operating points? DC Power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz demonstrate high performance of up to 800W with up to 4 output channels combined with various connectivity options.

Are you looking to perform compliance tests with a power analyzer? The fully equipped R&S®HMC8015 can perform compliance tests and enables measurements with basic accuracy of 0.05% without additional tools, such as a computer or remote infrastructure.

Now through March 31, 2021 you can benefit from more than 20% off of a fully equipped power analyzer and DC power supplies with the highest number of channels and all available options.

Special offer packages
Product Name
Product group
Regional availabilty
Option packages

Order number 3629.6776.04

Power supply
Output channels 4
Max. output power 384 W
HMP4040 base unit

Order number 5601.3800P98

Power supply
Canada, USA, Singapore, Europe
Output channels 3
Max. output power 100 W
NGE103B: K101: Ethernet remote control; K102: Wireless LAN remote control; K103: digital trigger I/O

Order number 3638.3376P97

Power supply
Canada, USA, Singapore, Europe
Output channels 2
Max. output power 120 W
NGL202: K102: Wireless LAN remote control; K103: digital trigger I/O

Order number 3638.4472P97

Power supply
Canada, USA, Singapore, Europe
Output channels 2
Max. output power 120 W
NGM202: K102: Wireless LAN remote control; K103: digital trigger I/O; K104: digital voltmeter functionality; K106: battery simulation

Order number 5601.4007P99

Power supply
Canada, USA, Singapore, Europe
Output channels 4
Max. output power 800 W
NGP824: 64V/10A; K102: Wireless LAN remote control; K103: digital trigger I/O; K107: analog input

Order number 3593.8646P96

Power analyzer
Basic accuracy 0,05%
Measurement range 50 μW up to 12 kW
HMC8015 base unit; HOC151: advanced analysis; HOC152: advanced I/O; HOC153: compliance test

Order number 1424.7005P99

Power meter
NRX base unit; K2: 2nd Measurement Channel; K4: 3. and 4. NRP sens. conn.; B1: Sensor Check Source

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Frequently asked questions

Which products are part of the promotion?

The "Full Bench. High Value." promotion covers most products from the distribution portfolio of Rohde & Schwarz. It includes the most popular configurations of oscilloscopes, signal and spectrum analyzers, power analyzers and DC power supplies, vector network analyzers, signal generators, cable and antenna analyzers, and power meters. Discover all promotional offers by downloading the flyer or by clicking on the category boxes above.

Where can I buy these bundles?

It's easy and convenient for you to purchase these promotional offers through a channel partner in your region.

Not sure which distributors sell in your country? Use our partner locator to find all of the authorized channel partners in your region.

How do I benefit from buying through one of the distribution partners?

There are a number of benefits when you purchase Rohde & Schwarz products through distributors:

  • Direct purchase online
  • Short delivery times (same day through select partners)
  • Products are in stock and ready to be shipped
  • Technical expertise. Have a question? Our partners have a qualified staff of technical experts
Can I combine this promotion with other discounts?

Standard Educational discounts are applicable. Promotional offers cannot be combined with special account-based discounts.

How closely does Rohde & Schwarz work with distributors?

For this growing product range, Rohde & Schwarz is establishing an extensive distribution partner network worldwide. When selecting its partners, Rohde & Schwarz pays particular attention to same-level quality standards when it comes to technical expertise. Competent consultancy, high expertise and quality of advice in T&M as well as customer-oriented service distinguishes our reliable distribution partners.

In order to process your quote requests as soon as possible, Rohde & Schwarz hands leads to its authorized partners in some of the regions.