EMC Accessories

EMC and EMI test equipment and systems from Rohde & Schwarz determine the causes and effects of electromagnetic interference. Decades of experience in the field of EMC measurements has made us the world's market leader.

Disturbance Voltage Measurements
Disturbance Current Measurements
  • R&S®EZ-17 Current Probe

    Electromagnetic emission and susceptibility measurements in the range 5 Hz to 100 (200) MHz

    • 20 Hz - 100 MHz
Disturbance Power Measurements
Field-strength Measurements
Tripods and Positioning Devices
Additional Accessories
  • R&S®HZ-9 External power supply

    For active antennas and EMI accessories

  • Additional Accessories - R&S®RAM Matching Pad 50/75 Ω
    R&S®RAM Matching Pad 50/75 Ω

    Bidirectional, 0 Hz to 2.7 GHz, N female/N male connectors, load capacity 2 W, L section

    • 0 Hz - 2.7 GHz
  • Additional Accessories - R&S®RAZ Matching Pad 50/75 Ω, series resistor 25 Ω
    R&S®RAZ Matching Pad 50/75 Ω, series resistor 25 Ω
    • 0 Hz - 2.7 GHz
  • R&S®RBU50 High-Power Attenuator, 50 W
    • 0 Hz to 2 GHz
  • R&S®RBU100 High-Power Attenuator, 100 W
    • 0 Hz to 2 GHz
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