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  • Install new Software Option

    I have ordered a new FSL-Kxx software option for the FSL. How can I install the newsoftware option on my FSL?First of all, we recommend that you install the latest FSL firmware. You candownload the firmware update from the product-specific R&S website. Whilethe firmware update is running, a dialog box will come up with the availableinstallation packages. Please make sure that you select the appropriateFSL-Kxx

  • Firmware Rollback

    I want to update my firmware. Can I also roll back the firmware to my old version before firmware update?When the analyzer firmware is updated, the analyzer will boot and operate exactly as before – in some cases even better. But if you want to return to the old version, you can restore the old analyzer firmware by pressing SETUP =>NEXT => FIRMWARE RESTORE.After you have pressed FIRMWARE RESTORE, the

  • Compatible Firmware Versions

    Which CMW500 and CMW280 callbox firmware versions are compatible?The CMW500 and CMW280 callbox firmware versions are separated into modules for each different standard. All installed modules must be compatible with the BASE module of the firmware. The version number tells you which modules are compatible with the BASE module.The first two digits of the version number must be identical in order for

  • The Software does not find the GPIB0

    The software does not find the GPIB0. The error message is as follows: HDI Interface GPIB0 not available Device Handler ESS is changed into virtual mode. We use a NI USB-IEEE488 interface, and in the measurement and automation program from NI we can see the interface as GPIB0. Other devices that use other software work ok.The 16 bit NI driver is not installed correctly.Please find attached a packed

  • Firmware update via NRP

    The firmware update via NRP does not work. What am I doing wrong?A firmware update via the base unit is not possible.Use an R&S NRP-Z3 or R&S NRP-Z4 cable to connect the sensor to a PC and then execute the firmware update:Hardware and software requirementsThe system requirements for a firmware update are the same as for the operation of the power sensor on a PC (an update via the power meter is not

  • TCE900 software change between TV/DAB <-> FM/BD2

    Is it possible to change between different TCE900 software packages?For example this might be useful, if you want to use a spare part unit (e.g. TCE900 SystemContol) from an FM-transmitter (with TCE900-BD2 SW) in a TV transmitter.There are two different software packages available for the TCE900. “TCE900” for ATV, DTV, DAB (Material number 2109.3806.00) “TCE900-Bd2” for FM, HD-Radio (Material number

  • Firmware update without running analyzer application

    My analyzer application is no longer running.How can I update the firmware without a running analyzer application?You can update the firmware with the FSLUpdateTool (FWUpdateTool in ETL) Windows program.This program can be found under :Start - Programs - AccessoriesSimply unzip the firmware file to a USB stick, connect the stick to the analyzer, start the program and follow the instructions.

  • Labview stops working as soon as the software is compiled

    I've been writing code for a Rohde & Schwarz instrument that we have on site and have runinto a problem. I've downloaded the LabVIEW driver software from the Rohde & Schwarz web site.The basic problem is that the code seems to work fine in the normal developer mode, but stopsworking as soon as the software is compiled. I am using LabVIEW 2011.Let me direct your attention to the application note 1MA170http

  • Software to capture screenshots or trace data on a PC?

    Is there software to capture screenshots or trace data on a PC?Separate software is not necessary to capture screenshots or trace data on a PC.Just follow these steps: Connect the R&S® HMO1002 to an Ethernet network, ideally with DHCP on The IP address can be found under SETUP - INTERFACE - PARAMETER Open a browser on your PC and type in the IP address The following screen will appearFor a screenshot

  • Battery Indicator Shows Discharged after Firmware Update

    After performing a firmware update, the battery indicator on the screen shows discharged, even if the battery was completely charged before performing the update.This is a usual behavior of the FSH models after a firmware update. The firmware update procedure overwrites the battery indicator's memory. The battery indicator shows discharged.To recover, connect the FSH via a power adapter to the main

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