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  • Acoustic Test Software for Mobile Phones in Service and Repair

    This application note provides software and instructions for a simple check of the acoustic performance of mobile phones. It targets mainly service centers and repair workshops which have to perform incoming tests of defective mobile phones and final tests of repaired mobiles. A focus is set on short test times and ease of use, without compromising accuracy and repeatability of results.

  • Measurement of Maximum Sound Pressure Level of Headphones according to EN50332

    This application note explains how to use the Audio Analyzer R&S UPV for measurements of maximum sound pressure level of headphones according to EN50332. It is possible to measure a combination of music player / FM receiver and headphones, the maximum output voltage of a player / FM receiver alone or the wideband characteristic voltage of headphones alone. An application program is available for download as installer file and as VB.NET project.

  • Test your multichannel FM car radios

    Combining the R&S®UPP audio analyzers with the R&S®SMB100A signal generators provides the most compact and fastest test solution for modern FM car radios

  • Audio-to-Video Delay Measurement

    A lack of lip synchronicity is an effect that can severely impair the quality of TV reception. With modern digital signal processing, this audio-to-video delay occurs much more often than in earlier times when analog signal generation was used. The total delay can reach several hundred milliseconds, which is immediately noticeable on a TV home receiver. To prevent such impair-ments, the audio-to-video delay must be measured.

  • Collection of Setups for Measurements with the R&S®UPV and R&S®UPP Audio Analyzers

    A large variety of measurements is performed in audio engineering in order to ensure transmission quality of analog and digital devices. An audio analyzer suitable for all these tasks will, therefore, incorporate a multitude of functions, resulting in a correspondingly large number of settings.This application note is to help test engineers using the R&S®UPP and R&S®UPV audio analyzers. It presents setting examples for all basic audio measurements to be performed immediately. For each setup, information is given on the type of measurement, the underlying standards, and on how to modify the graphic display results.

  • R&S®VISA

    R&S®VISA is a standardized software library that allows fast communications over diverse interfaces with a wide variety of T&M instruments that are detected on the network from PC applications.R&S®VISA also includes a trace tool that simultaneously monitors communications between multiple applications and T&M instruments, and permits targeted analysis with the aid of efficient filters.

  • Measurement of Transient Responses in AGC Circuits using the Audio Analyzers UPL and UPD

    In many applications, circuitries with automatic gain control are used, for example in the fields of tape recording or hearing aids. This application note describes the typical characteristic of these control circuitries and the difficulties in measurements using oscilloscops. With the audio analyzers UPL and UPD these measurements can be done much easier, the analysis can be done manually or automatically by using a special software tool.

  • Voice and SMS in LTE

    This white paper summarizes the technology options for supporting voice and short message service (SMS) in LTE, including circuit switched fallback (CSFB), SMS over SGs, and voice over LTE (VoLTE).

  • Calibration Tool for PESQ Speech Quality Tests

    PESQ measurements employ a level adaptation algorithm and are hence widely insensitive to absolute level. However, if the tests are performed via a speech codec, the driving level of the codec has an influence on the MOS result. Therefore careful alignment of the level is required. This application note provides an application program which runs on the Audio Analyzer R&S UPV or R&S UPV66 and can be used to calibrate signal levels for the PESQ measurement.

  • Averaging of 1/n Octave Spectra

    Application program and documentation for averaging of 1/n octave spectra on the audio analyzer UPV.

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