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  • Acoustic Test Software for Mobile Phones in Service and Repair

    This application note provides software and instructions for a simple check of the acoustic performance of mobile phones. It targets mainly service centers and repair workshops which have to perform incoming tests of defective mobile phones and final tests of repaired mobiles. A focus is set on short test times and ease of use, without compromising accuracy and repeatability of results.

  • Test your multichannel FM car radios

    Combining the R&S®UPP audio analyzers with the R&S®SMB100A signal generators provides the most compact and fastest test solution for modern FM car radios

  • Measurement of Clicks on Audio Lines using the Audio Analyzers UPL or UPD

    Interferences on audio transmissions, which happens only from time to time, are very difficult to be measured. This application note describes a method, used by the audio analyzers UPL and UPD, to monitor test tones without any interruption and detecting even the shortest clicks.

  • Generating the Noise Field for Ambient Noise Rejection Tests

    This application note describes how to generate the noise field for ambient noise rejection tests according to 3GPP TS 26.132, sections 7.9 and 8.9.

  • Limit Checking with the Audio Analyzers UPL and UPD

    Many measurements in audio applications have to be monitored for compliance with specified limit values. Therefore, sometimes a whole series of measurements have to be compared with a fixed limit value, in other case it might be necessary to define different tolerances for example for different frequency ranges. Both can be done using Audio Analyzer UPD or UPL. This application note covers the different possibilities of limit checking, it demonstrates how to edit limit files and presents a program to easily generate files for checking the limits of frequency response measurements. Furthermore the display modes for different kinds of references are explained.

  • Dolby® compliance testing

    Audio analyzers and test software from Rohde & Schwarz enable Dolby® licensees to subject their new products to the required compliance tests.

  • PESQ® Measurement for GSM with R&S®CMUgo

    Recent mobile test methods could not evaluate the quality of data reduced speech signals with different coded and decoded signals. The Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) provides the solution for this measuring problem. GSM PESQ is an add-on tool for CMUgo for automatic measurement of the PESQ for GSM mobile phones according to recommendation ITU-T P.862.1 featuring selectable fading profiles, frequency hopping sequences and variable Additional White Gaussian Noise (AWGN).

  • Averaging of 1/n Octave Spectra

    Application program and documentation for averaging of 1/n octave spectra on the audio analyzer UPV.

  • Audio-to-Video Delay Measurement

    A lack of lip synchronicity is an effect that can severely impair the quality of TV reception. With modern digital signal processing, this audio-to-video delay occurs much more often than in earlier times when analog signal generation was used. The total delay can reach several hundred milliseconds, which is immediately noticeable on a TV home receiver. To prevent such impair-ments, the audio-to-video delay must be measured.

  • Using R&S®Forum Application for Instrument Remote Control

    Using R&S®Forum Application for Instrument Remote Control Miloslav Macko 1MA196 1MA196, Forum, Application, Instrument, Remote, Control, Python, Scripting, R&S Forum, RS Forum, R&SForum, RSForum, Windows, Mac OS Using R&S®Forum Application for Instrument Remote Control R&S®Forum is a free scripting tool for remote control of Rohde & Schwarz instruments. It allows users to create script sequences, as

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