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  • Rohde & Schwarz Drivers under VEE - Installation and Troubleshooting

    The use of Rohde & Schwarz device drivers under VEE software is not complicated. However, a number of factors are involved, the errors that occur are often difficult to diagnose. This application provides easy and detailed support for installation and troubleshooting using National Instruments or Agilent GPIB boards.

  • GDE Test Sequencer

    GDE (= Generic Demonstration Engine) is a easy-to-use, free-of-charge remote control command sequencer tool. The big advantage is that the test description is stored in a simple, easy-to-read text file, and loaded in GDE at runtime. This makes it very easy to modify tests by the user or add additional tests to already existing test solutions without redistributing big setup files.

  • 10 Tips & Tricks on how to use Rohde & Schwarz LabVIEW Instrument drivers

    This Application Note gives 10 useful Tips & Tricks for the users of Rohde & Schwarz attribute-based instrument drivers. It is recommended for the first-time LabVIEW users as well as for the experienced programmers.

  • Doherty, Balanced, Push-Pull & Spatial Amplifier Performance Enhancement

    The Doherty Amplifier continues to be rolled out in an increasing number of TxFE (Transmit Frontend) applications, as the quasi-linear amplifier architecture of choice.The advent of 5G, with its inevitable microwave or millimeter wave air interface, increase the design challenges associated with its construction; not least of all because of the potential for increased dispersion in the constituent amplifiers and combiners.This application note describes a measurement-based development methodology by which the Doherty Amplifier may be enhanced, increasing performance and/or performance bandwidth. This methodology is supported with a working example.The methodology may also be extended to balanced, spatially combined and anti-phase (so called "pushpull" or "differential") amplifiers, the latter often itself nested in Doherty configurations.The R&S®Quickstep sequencing software may be downloaded from:

  • Hints for Fast and Accurate Testing of GSM/EDGE Mobile Phone Power Amplifiers

    Short measurement time in conjunction with high accuracy and repeatability of results are essential for efficient testing of mobile phone power amplifiers. Power Meter R&S®NRP, Signal Generator R&S®SMIQ, Spectrum Analyzers R&S®FSP/FSU/FSQ and Power Supply R&S®NGMO2 offer optimum characteristics such as high accuracy, fast settling speed and short measurement time in programmed mode. This application note concentrates on testing GSM/EDGE mobile power amplifiers and shows typical test setups and programming examples for Signal Generator R&S®SMIQ and Spectrum Analyzer R&S®FSP/FSU/FSQ, benchmark numbers and repeatability results.

  • Emulate real-world scenarios with Rohde & Schwarz power supplies

    Emulate real-world scenarios with Rohde & Schwarz power supplies NGE100B, HMC804x, HMP2000, HMP4000, HM8143, NGL200, NGM200, M3SR IN4000A, Power supplies, DC Power supplies, Emulate real-world scenarios with Rohde & Schwarz power supplies Your task Modern circuitries require different voltage and/or current levels in different operating states. For instance, simulating a startup sequence of an embedded

  • Measurements on RF and AF Filters with Rohde & Schwarz Value Instruments

    This application note describes the basic frequency filter measurements that are often required during service repairs, during development of simple circuits and for training purposes. These measurements do not always require high-end T&M equipment. Instruments in this class typically offer a very wide range of measurement functions coupled with the best-possible RF performance. However, these features are not necessary for simple applications. This application note therefore describes measurements using instruments from the cost-effective Rohde & Schwarz Value Instruments series. The instruments in this series offer the measurement accuracy demanded by quality-conscious users plus easy operation and all of the functionality needed for everyday measurement tasks.

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