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  • Free mobility on board

    Flexible communication not limited to certain locations is an upcoming demand of modern system solutions. R&S®NAVICS provides a Wi-Fi based wireless communications system (WCS) to allow freedom of movement even on the entire ship combined with an application, which allows a smartphones to act as mobile voice terminals. For mobility in a limited area around a voice terminal, a wireless headset system

  • NAVICS further information

    All R&S®NAVICS switching functions are implemented in software and hosted on commercially available IT components. This enables excellent scalability, from small ships to large frigates. It supports fully integrated subsystems such as broadcast, alarm and STE systems and offers a wide variety of additional features. R&S®NAVICS provides two solutions that meet different security requirements using two

  • Webinar: Vehicle Communications for Safety: eCall Fundamentals and Test Solutions

    Rohde & Schwarz Webinar from December 03, 2013eCall is an interoperable in-vehicle emergency call system designed with the objective to greatly reduce response times in the case of an accident in order to save human lives. In contrast to other already existing private services, eCall is based on a pan-European standard and is required to be introduced for all new car models from 2015 onwards by the

  • Video: VAMOS or How to Potentially Double Speech Capacity in GSM

    A comprehensive introduction of the VAMOS technology and its test solutions for both user equipment and base stations.VAMOS (Voice services over Adaptive Multi-user channels on One Slot) can double the voice capacity of existing GSM mobile communication networks and is specified in 3GPP GERAN (GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network) Release 9. Supporting two voice users on a single radio resource requires enhanced

  • Webinar Improving the Efficiency of Your Envelope Tracking Test Setup

    Rohde & Schwarz webinar from January 15, 2014An increasing number of power amplifiers support envelope tracking technology to improve efficiency and therefore extend battery life in smartphones and tactical radios. This webinar explains the basic principles of envelope tracking and the test challenges involved in this technology. As envelope tracking is often used in combination with predistortion,

  • eMTC and NB-IoT pave the way to 5G/IoT

    About 60 % of today's cellular Internet of Things (IoT) devices use second generation mobile communications technologies, e.g. GPRS. The transition to the third generation will occur in the next few years, especially as the need for higher data rates and long-term network availability increases.3GPP IoT standardization on the way to 5GBecause LTE is primarily optimized for the mobile broadband market

  • News: LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation

    3GPP, short for 3rd Generation Partnership Project and the standardization body behind LTE, is addressing and exceeding these requirements while standardizing LTE-Advanced as part of its Release 10 for all relevant technical specifications. This article describes the most demanded feature within the LTE-Advanced feature set in greater detail: carrier aggregation. It further outlines how leading Rohde

  • In Focus - Dual Cell – HSDPA (DC-HSDPA)

    HSPA on top of WCDMA networks has been a true success story around the globe. Meanwhile all WCDMA networks have been upgraded to support at least HSDPA operation. Furthermore a number of enhancements known as HSPA+ features have been added in 3GPP Releases 8 up to 10. The aim is to increase peak data rates, to improve spectral efficiency and to reduce latency in the system. One of the features added

  • IoT / M2M - Applications & White Papers

    Bluetooth® Low Energy (V5.0) RF-Test for Internet of Things Applications More and more everyday items such as household appliances, vehicles, lights, etc. are now connected to the Internet, forming what is known as the "Internet of Things". Even clothing with sewn-in sensors to measure vital functions can now connect to the Internet and transmit data to cloud services. These different things use a

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