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  • TETRA / TETRA 2 Technology

    In practice, the open TETRA standard is a suite of standards covering different technology aspects, e.g. air interfaces, network interfaces and their services and facilities.

  • CMMB Technology

    Rohde & Schwarz supports the CMMB - Standard for Chinese Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting for broadcasting and Multimedia T&M, wireless communications testers, wireless communications systems, singal analyzers and spectrum analyzers.

  • WCDMA / HSPA / HSPA+ Technology

    Rohde & Schwarz provides a complete product portfolio for WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+: digital standards on general-purpose equipment such as vector signal generators and signal and spectrum analyzers; dedicated communications testers and complete conformance test systems.

  • TD-SCDMA Technology

    TD-SCDMA (time division - synchronous code division multiple access) is a cellular technology based on the combination of a TDMA (time division multiple access) component and a CDMA (code division multiple access) component.

  • DVB-S2X Technology

    The DVB-S2 standard defines the second-generation modulation and channel coding system for satellite TV.

  • SDB-T 1 Seg Technology

    Rohde & Schwarz supports the Mobile Broadcast technology ISDB-T 1 Seg for transmitters, sound transmitters, broadcasting and Multimedia T&M, wireless communications testers, wireless communications systems, signal analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal generators and mobile network testing.

  • ATV L/L´ Technology

    Rohde&Schwarz supports ATV L/L Technology for Broadcasting and Multimedia T&M

  • DVB-T2 Technology

    Rohde&Schwarz supports DVB-T2 Technology for Broadcasting and Multimedia T&M and Wireless Communications Testers & Systems and Signal & Spectrum Analyzers and Mobile Network Testing.

  • AAC Technology

    AAC is a lossy compression method for digital audio data that was developed by the MPEG working group.

  • MHL Technology

    With MHL Mobile high definition link (MHL) technology a solution has been created which enables multimedia capabilities of mobile phones and portable devices for delivering high-definition (HD) content to HDTV´s and other CE products with an easy-to-implement digital connectivity.

Results 1 - 10 of 62
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