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  • R&S®ROMES4

    R&S®ROMES4R&S®ROMES4 Drive test softwareMobile coverage and QoS measurements in mobile networksKey|1117.6885.04|ROMES|1|556928}}Network engineering, optimization and troubleshooting for all mobiletechnologiesRF and QoS measurements in one tool with instant results R&S®ROMES4 is the universal software

  • R&S®ROMES2GO 3GPP Walk Test Solution

    R&S®ROMES2GO 3GPP Walk Test SolutionQoS assurance made simple This is a discontinued product Pleaserecording, FTP upload and replay support with variable speedsBrief DescriptionThe R&S®ROMESradio networks.Brief DescriptionThe R&S®ROMES2GO is a walk test solution that records and stores

  • R&S®ROMES4 Drive Test Software - Media Center

    R&S®ROMES4 Drive Test Software - Media CenterAutomatic Channel Detection (ACD) using mobile networkscannersThe automatic channel detection (ACD) feature of the R&S ROMES drive test software togethersolution that supports VoLTE calls. The video shows how to set up a VoLTE call with R&S ROMES drive test

  • Wireless Communications Testers & Systems - Test & Measurement

    Wireless Communications Testers & SystemsWireless device testers, infrastructure testers, protocol

  • VoLTE drive testing using Samsung Galaxy S5 and R&S ROMES

    R&S®ROMES4 Drive Test Software - VideoVoLTE drive testing using Samsung Galaxy S5 and R&S ROMES. The video shows how to set up a VoLTE call with R&S ROMES drive test software and a standardSamsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. R&S ROMES controls the smartphone to run the selected test routines such as

  • Operating Manuals for ROMES

    Operating Manuals for ROMESQuestionI found that my ROMES operating manual seems to have an olderstatus than my current ROMES software. Is there always a new operating manual created with newwhich was called TS51-K1/TS55-K1.Version 2 was based on ROMES 3.00,Version 3 was based on ROMES

  • Coverage Measurement Software ROMES 3

    Coverage Measurement Software ROMES 3Communication with seamless coverage and without interference,modular and versatile Measurement Software ROMES 3.Communication with seamless coverage and withoutis the modular and versatile Measurement Software ROMES 3. News from Rohde & Schwarz article

  • Mobile Network Testing - Test & Measurement

    ®ROMES2GO 3GPP Walk Test Solution Please note the following successor product(s):SwissQual QualiPoc Freerider IIQualiPoc Android

  • How to add new options to ROMES

    How to add new options to ROMESQuestionI ordered additional options for ROMES and received a newoptions.AnswerDuring the installation of ROMES, the option file gives you the information on the options (especiallycorresponding files will be copied to the hard disk. To add new options you have to make the ROMES

  • Remote Control of ROMES on Windows 7

    For optimization of mobile communication networks, drive tests with coverage measurement systems are being performed. The coverage measurement platform provided by Rohde & Schwarz is based on R&S® ROMES, which is the application software to define and setup measurement devices, acquire and store the measurement data and displaying measured data during the measurement period and a later replay. Additional drivers are used for attaching different measurement devices, such as the Rohde & Schwarz Universal Radio Network Analyzers TSMQ or TSMW or test mobiles from different manufacturers. Depending on the required measurement tasks, R&S® ROMES can be configured freely to adapt to the user’s needs. As long as the measurements are performed in an outdoor environment using a vehicle traveling around, size and weight of the measurement system is not a problem. As more and more measurements are performed in an indoor environment by walking around, size, weight and mechanical handling is an issue of interest. ROMES® can be used in a light weight configuration, which is small enough to be carried in a back pack. For use of R&S® ROMES with R&S® TSMW in an indoor environment, the Backpack System R&S® TSMW-Z3 has been designed. The system includes a mini PC with R&S® ROMES which needs to be controlled remotely. This application note describes, how to establish a Wireless Lan Access Point on the R&S® ROMES PC and to setup a wireless LAN connection between an Apple iPad® and the mini PC.

Results 1 - 10 of 252
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